About us

CouseWise 100 B.V. is an international operating company, active since October 2000 in booking trucks on ferries. CourseWise 100 B.V. is able to combine a constant acquired expertise with a long term commitment in favour of her clients. Through the years CourseWise 100 B.V. has been successful in gaining the trust of her clients, partly through her neutral, honest and professional approach and a broad range of services. The clients form the “drive”.

“Being surrounded by people who think like you do” is the CourseWise 100 B.V. philosophy.


The CourseWise 100 B.V. mission is to exceed the expectations of her clients in the area of booking trucks on ferries. Being successful in the ability to jump in quickly on the requests/needs of her clients, where every issue is a challenge. There is not a service that they do not know. At CourseWise 100 B.V. we do everything in our power to ensure optimal service.


Short lines and a clear communication